The Sufi Book Store

You Are Invited To Visit The Sufi Book Store For A Selection Of Excellent Books On All Facets Of Sufism And Sufi Life

Here you can search and find books written by Sufis for Sufis from the classical and timeless treasures to the contemporary Sufi path. You do not have to be a Sufi or an academic to benefit from these great works. The choice here offers a meaningful selection for the enquiring mind and the lively soul.

Please visit the Sufi Women section of the store. This contains classical writings on women and the role they have played and continue to play on the Sufi path. You will also find the stories of contemporary Sufi women here. All the books in this section are written by and/or, are about Sufi women.

Below you will find a selection of books from the Sufi Book Store just click on the image to be taken straight there.mystic-quest


One thought on “The Sufi Book Store

  1. Dear sir,
    I have collected about 2000 old Javanese Kawi language poems out of Buddhist Dharmapada which content is educative (no abjina)quite different from Pali Text Society,London.
    Among them: Swastika 卍 (万字生机 Chinese)
    Ksetraljnana,cartooned by Disney Land entitled Christmas carol; etc…
    ready to email some text if given your address.
    The Ie Him

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