Translation and the Power of Words

Spain Ronda by 115
Today the heat has been hard to bear. The usual breeze that brings some refreshment didn’t arrive today and even now as the call for Maghrib prayer is about to sound from my laptop it is hot and humid. The sky over the Mediterranean is pink and blue and the swallows of the village are returning to their nests under the church eaves. As they settle down for the night I continue writing. I have had a good writing day today. I completed some translation work this afternoon and wanted to press on with an article that needs to be finished tonight.

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Prayer In Translation

i translate,

from one world to another,

words that bounce

like puppies at play.

Adjectives that fly

and then transform.

Nouns that proceed

in majesty,

and all those little words

that fill in and add.

But then comes occasionally

the word that resists,

it won’t fly or bounce,

instead it struggles.

Weep for the word

that won’t translate.

Seek the prayer

in its silent spaces.

Find its speech

in your flood of tears