On the Road

Photo by Y K Randall

Recently my Shaykh set me an assignment to take a camera and go ‘hunt light’. So I took a digital camera that is as old as a digital camera can be and went for a stroll through the village and its outskirts. Of course light is always present but are we always aware of it? The light of the Real is eternally present but how easy it is to shroud the gaze behind preoccupation with the day’s events, or the various concerns and emotions that we allow to cloud our hearts from its capacity to embrace the whole of life as a gift and a journey towards our potential destination as true human beings. I perceive it as an adventure that is full of lessons and trials, beauty and love.

I have chosen this photo of the road outside my village because for me it symbolizes this journey. A route taken with the support of Sufi practice that involves constantly pulling the focus back to the One Who is within all creation. Closer to us than ourselves and beyond our imagining; before all beginnings and after all endings; immanent and transcendent, full of love, majesty, and light. I’m still at the beginning and stumbling over obstacles whose source is finally in me, the tricks of the nafs (ego matrix), that need to be transformed into helpers along the way. This vehicle needs maintenance and that is also part of being on the road and it is well worth it when those moments of awareness of the unity and love of God arise.