A New Era for Kurdish Literature

This sounds like a very interesting novel that explores the conflicting interests of politicians and novelists. The author, Bakhtyar Ali, hopes that this novel will herald the end of the subordination of Kurdish writers to politicians. I hope this novel will soon be translated into English and thereby gain a wider readership.
clipped from news.bbc.co.uk
A leading novelist’s latest work could mark a new era for Kurdish literature.

Book cover
In an unprecedented deal, author Bakhtyar Ali has been paid $25,000 by a publisher in the Kurdish region of Iraq, who has printed 10,000 copies of Ghazalnus and the Gardens of Imagination.
The plot features elements of fantasy: the poet discovers a land that turns into an infinite garden at night, a group of women living in a shelter to escape domestic violence weave the world’s biggest carpet, and a Hollywood film buff leads a group of blind children on an imaginary sea journey.
The plot of the novel depicts opposing realms, and opposing interests of poets and politicians.
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