Lecture on the esoteric meaning of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS)

Reza Shah KazemiI found this excellent lecture on the blog Abdur Rahman’s Corner which Abdur Rahman found in turn at Ismailimail

It is moving and enlightening. I have great respect for Dr. Reza Shah-Kazemi and I found this lecture very beneficial.


Archery of Love

Archery and Fencing

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Today you might be shot
with the dart of love
and when the sharpness
of the pain tears the veils
in which you felt comfortable
don’t run …
don’t blame …
don’t fear …

but listen and hear
and find the courage to love
in your newly broken heart

The Laughter of the Universe

Love is complete surrender. It is when the corpse feeds the  worm, the worm ploughs the soil, the soil nourishes the seed, and the seed grows into nourishment for the guests. The guests do zikr and die before they die, finding union with the One. They return and serve others until one day it is time to discard their bodies. The corpse feeds the worm …

Love is complete surrender. It is when the Spirit feeds the Heart, the Heart feeds the Intellect, the Intellect speaks to the body to keep doing zikr, the zikr quietens all the debris of the Intellect, polishes all the rust from the Heart, expands the inner being and steps forth in the feet of the One to prepare the meal for the coming guests …

Love is complete surrender. It is the laughter of the universe. Come to the meal, all are invited. See the moon smiling, and look, the stars are dancing in celebration. Be thankful for separation for how else could we run laughing into the arms of union? How else could we share in the laughter of the universe?


Shoreline by I. ChatterjeeTime did a leap and I ran with him
and others by his side
enjoying races along the shore
line of the Sea of Galilee

He shared his heart with us,
it pounded hard as we ran
It sang the rhythm of our feet
splashing in the waters of Galilee

I felt it beat on the shore as we ran
I heard it laugh in his chest, and mine,
a heart consumed by the Name
Love! It beat. Love! It beat, eternally

Time did another leap and threw me
back to my room soaked and salty
My heart remains in awe of Isa’s love
Love! It beats. Love! It beats eternally