Jewish/Muslim Dhikr

In Tel Aviv Jews and Muslims are doing dhikr (zikhr) together. This is a very encouraging story and well worth reading the entire article.
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TEL AVIV — In a warehouse district not far from central Tel Aviv, in an anonymous, quasi-industrial zone, a zikr – an Islamic Sufi prayer ritual – unfolds.
But most are from the tribe of Isaac – they are Israeli Jews.
Between lectures in Hebrew on the connection between Jewish and Muslim mysticisms, they join together in chanting Wa la illaha illallah – “from God we come and to God we return.” (NB This translation is unfortunately incorrect, it should read “No god but God”  (Yafiah) Then, this mainly Jewish group recites the 99 names of Allah in surprisingly good Arabic: al Rahim, (the Merciful), al Aziz (the Almighty), al Hadi (the Guide) … A skylight reveals a night sky full of stars and the chants seem to rise up and out of the room.
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