Jews and Muslims Together

I’ve just begun a new blog that relates to my research on Jewish-Muslim relations in Israel. The research project looks specifically at Sufism in Israel whereas the blog is more generally about Jewish-Muslim relations. It hasn’t been up for long so it’s still in its first stages with more to come but you’ll still find plenty of interest there as well as some good videos. Take a look and please give me some feedback if you’re interested. Click here


Not all settlers and Palestinians want each other to disappear – Haaretz – Israel News

Not all settlers and Palestinians want each other to disappear – Haaretz – Israel News.

This is a remarkable story of a brave initiative. A small group of Palestinians and settlers meet regularly for discussions in an attempt to stop being afraid of each other. The settlers taking part in these meetings have reason to be worried about fellow settlers who disapprove of what they are doing. It is not easy and it takes courage but this group are considering solutions that make sense on the ground but which Israeli and US politicians are not even looking at.

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Jerusalem Hug 2009

The next Jerusalem Hug is happening on 21st June, 2009 when people of all faiths form a human circle of love around Jerusalem. For those who are not in Jerusalem for the event there will be virtual hugs in other cities around the world. You can go to Lovers of Jerusalem for more details.

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Moses Ibn Maimun (Maimonides) and Ibn Rushd (Averroes)

As I am soon going to Spain for a research month I couldn’t resist posting this film. This is an excerpt from the film ‘Cities of Light’ which is about the history of Al-Andalus (Islamic Spain) and the incredible flourishing of philosophy, theology, medicine, translation, and much more, among the Jewish and Muslim scholars and mystics.

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All of Us Are Chosen

“They say that other country over there, dim blue in the twilight, farther than the orange stars exploding over our roofs, is called peace, but who can find the way? This time we cannot cross until we carry each other. All of us refugees, all of us prophets. No more taking turns on history’s wheel, trying to collect old debts no one can pay. The sea will not open that way. This time that country is what we promise each other, our rage pressed cheek to cheek until tears flood the space between, until there are no enemies left, because this time no one will be left to drown and all of us must be chosen. This time it’s all of us or none.”

Text by Aurora Levins Morales. A contemporary take on the Exodus that encompasses people of all tribes.

I found this on a site that sells posters. You can reach it by clicking on the image.

Podcast 8 “Gaza and Dialogue”. « Radio Salaam Shalom’s Blog

The following is on Radio Salaam Shalom who have just completed a podcast on Gaza and Dialogue done by the Jews and Muslims of Bristol

Podcast 8 “Gaza and Dialogue”

Radio Salaam ShalomBy radiosalaamshalom


“At this time, many of us are mindful of the suffering caused by the region’s past and present violence. That’s why the latest in our unique series of Muslim-Jewish podcasts looks at how people around the world are still inspired by a vision of a peaceful, harmonious life for everyone in the Middle East.

Podcast 8 “Gaza and Dialogue” features contributions from many of our own team of Bristol-based Muslim and Jewish volunteers. It also hears from two influential women. Robyn Sclafani, Director of Brussels-based CEJI (A Jewish Contribution to an inclusive Europe) and Palestinian Ahlam Akram, National Co-ordinating Committee Member for the Ministry for Peace (a small voluntary sector membership organisation which meets fortnightly in the House of Commons). The programme is hosted by Peter Brill.”