Malalai Joya: Standing for Justice for Women in Afghanistan

I have just read this article in the Independent and feel inspired and saddened. While the British public is calling for an end to the war in Afghanistan and the US and the UK have the sudden ‘good idea’ of speaking with the Taliban, Malalai Joya speaks of the injustices to women under what she calls, “the regime of warlords”. This, she says, is what British and US soldiers are dying for. Self educated and working hard to educate other women, Malalai says, as quoted in the Independent article today, that, “Dust has been thrown into the eyes of the world by your governments. You have not been told the truth. The situation now is as catastrophic as it was under the Taliban for women. Your governments have replaced the fundamentalist rule of the Taliban with another fundamentalist regime of warlords. [That is] what your soldiers are dying for.” Malalai is willing to risk her life for the women of her country and she is in constant danger.
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Malalai Joya has written a book of her memoirs
which can be ordered from here:joya_raising_my_voice_small