I walk the Sufi path and I write. That neatly explains the title of this blog. I have written a novel that takes you to places you must explore and then brings you back to ground with a mission to complete in just an hour. It is not SciFi or Fantasy, it is literary and real. I also write non-fiction with my focus on the One, the Seen, and the Unseen. This blog is my writing journal. You can follow my progress, read some of my work, and simply share in the life of a writer. You will also find information here on events, books, gatherings, all kinds of things that contribute to the well-being of the planet and the understanding of humankind as united in their destiny.

May I write as I breathe

With Hu, in Hu, through Hu

May my words be

As the beating of a pure heart

May silence bring forth the spoken

In the service of the Alive One

Ya Hayy!

I am also busy doing research for my doctoral degree on interfaith dialogue for peace in Palestine and Israel


23 thoughts on “About

  1. Salaams Y K Randall,

    Ma sha Allah. A very interesting blog you have here. If you’re re-locating to the UK, let me say welcome! I live in Wales.

    Allah bless you always.

    Abdur Rahman

  2. Dear Friends:

    I am writing to let you know about two books I have just published, one co-authored by my wife: Reflections of Tasawwuf: Essays, Poems and Narrative on Sufi Themes, and (with my wife Jennifer Doane Upton) Shadow of the Rose: The Esoterism of the Romantic Tradition.

    I am neither an academic scholar of Sufism, nor a self-styled shaykh, nor someone authorized to teach by a legitimate Sufi order. But I have followed the Sufi way for twenty years, and over that time I found I had some things to say — so I said them. In terms of Reflections of Tasawwuf, my major influences have been the writings of Javad Nurbakhsh and Frithjof Schuon.

    Shadow of the Rose is not about Sufism per se, but one of its major strands is an analysis of the similarities and differences between Christian and Muslim spiritual chivalry. Western chivalry was certainly influenced by Sufism – as, for example, through the Fedeli d’Amore, of which Dante was a member – and within Islam, spiritual chivalry can accurately be defined as an outer manifestation of Sufism.

    Reflections of Tasawwuf is my attempt to provide part of the missing intellectual and cultural context for Sufism in the West – which, of course, no single book can really do – while Shadow of the Rose treats spiritual chivalry, “armed courtesy” and the metaphysical relationship between human and Divine love (as represented, within Sufism, by the school of Ruzbehan Baqli) not as academic subjects, but as “real life” ways of maintaining our humanity in this most inhuman of times.

    Reflections of Tasawwuf: Essays, Poems and Narrative on Sufi Themes: Sophia Perennis, 2008; 176 pp. $17.50 [£9.95]; available through http://www.amazon.com , http://www.barnesandnoble.com , and http://www.amazon.co.uk . RESELLERS: This book is distributed through Ingram, Bertrams and Gardners; query jameswetmore@mac.com for further information.


    Charles Upton

    (859) 278-3444

  3. i want to hold you and kiss your eyes I want to breathe life in to you. i want to take your soul in a deep embrace and release my love on to you.

    I long for the day when your heart embraces mine..never letting go. i want to feel the pain of your thorns burying deep into my skin.

    I know your mine till the end of time..but I hope you can prove it to me.

    Your Devine. Be Sublime, till the end of time. dont just write a rhyme or type a line eat my words and digest them…let my name and n your name become one.

  4. as wr wb,

    thanks for dropping by my page. Hope you are good. I remember reading once someone wanted to be initiated into a sufi tariqah. The sheikh asked the man if he had ever loved anyone? The man replied in the negative. THe sheikh told him to go and love and then come back to be initiated. yes you are right our affair with Allah is one of Love. Sometimes he pleases us, sometimes he wil pain us, sometimes he will tease us and other times He will ease us. And the lover is always content with the treatment he receives at the “hands” of His Beloved.

    And I want to love you too, for the sake of Allah.

  5. I feel honoured by your visiting and commenting on my blog, and I’m very happy to have found yours. I will try to keep in touch.

  6. Salams Yafiah,

    Wonderful blog — so glad you found mine at completeword.com. Looking forward to spending time really visiting your words with a virtual cup of say, Moroccan Mint tea.
    May academia treat you gently.

  7. Salaam!

    I just discovered your page by “accident” and I wanted to thank you for such an amazing page, all your work here. I feel like I have just found a crucial resource in my early stage on the Sufi path, as well as someone I can relate to. I look forward to learning from you and reading about your journey.


  8. Path brought me to your shores and the beauty of your sharing takes my breath away. I would like to add you to my blog roll and hope our hands together brings creation to its true Oneness. Light and love Serena

  9. Salaam,

    Thanks for sharing your writing. Mash’Allah.

    I’m planning on spending a few months living in Andalucia, I’d be grateful if you can share some of your favourite & inspiring villages or places.

    Do get in touch by email.

    Many thanks,


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