Ocean of Being

You turned and pointed, and when I looked in the direction You were indicating I saw a vast horizon of which I was unaware before. We stood at a great height and from here the distant sea was visible with its sparkling reflections of light. On the shoreline I discerned a boat waiting to set sail. You waved your hand towards the boat, becoming impatient with my reluctance to leave. Finally I began the descent to the shore but as soon as I had taken a few steps the brambles and rocks around the mountain gathered force against me and I slipped and became entangled in their relentless power of impediment. Covered in scratches and bruises I stood once again and continued in my effort to reach that waiting vessel. Gradually a path became evident and the brambles no longer held me back and I climbed right over the rocks until I reached the shore.

The ship floats on the surface of the water, content in the gentle rocking of the waves. I board the navigator of the ocean of being and discover it is You who are the sea, and its vastness, and the lands beyond.


2 thoughts on “Ocean of Being

  1. Salams, Yafiah Katherine

    Time and Tide wait for no man (or woman), as they say. But for the longest time the Sea is waiting for me too, and the mountain is in front of me. I know it is not there but a speck of dust in my eye is blinding me. Pray for this poor sinner, hopeless servant…

    Thank you for your visit and your kind, kind words.


    • I enjoyed my visit to your blog Taufiq and recommend that everyone would enjoy a visit.

      Prayer for forgiveness is powerful, for the Merciful, the Compassionate loves to forgive.


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