Once Upon a Time in Andalucia

For a while I once lived in Andalucia and I used to write a regular journal on this blog that viewed life from a Sufi perspective. I’ve been back in the UK for four years now and I’m busy writing my PhD thesis on Sufism in Israel. What I miss most about Andalucia is the light and a constant feeling of the baraka of Ibn ‘Arabi wherever I went. I sometimes wonder if I was in fact living more in the 12th/13th century than in the 21st century! The inspiration to write flowed easily during my stay in the mountains and I’m now considering writing a novel based on the entries in my blog – much expanded of course – and the work of Ibn ‘Arabi. Inshallah I’ll manage to find some time to write amidst my academic writing.


3 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time in Andalucia

  1. In my wandering, I found a book entitled ‘Ornament of the World’ by Maria Menocal. Have you read it? Perhaps you might even know her? It is a beautiful book, which encompassed the rise and fall of the end Ummayad caliphate in Andalusia…
    The book gave me great hope, and when looking at the state of the Prophet’s nation now, a little sadness.

    You are where you immerse your thoughts and your affection. I have no doubt you were living in the 12/13th century. Write that novel, please. It needs to be written…

    Take care and have a lovely day.


    p/s – might i add your website to my blogroll?

  2. Yes, that was the first book I read about Al-Andalus and it’s right next to my laptop here amongst several other books and articles on the same period. If anyone is interested in this book and others on Islamic Spain you can take a look here at my Sufi Book Store: http://astore.amazon.com/wilderwri05-20?_encoding=UTF8&node=30 (please excuse the shameless promotion. It’s meant to help fund my studies with the commission but I never promote it enough and earn practically nothing!)

    It’s true about the sadness you speak of and there’s a poignant sense of nostalgia when visiting the Alhambra or standing in the mosque of Cordoba. I’m afraid I won’t be able to write that novel until I’ve finished my thesis but I am trying to get a book of my Sufi haiku and reflections on Andalucia together to publish via Kindle.

    Yes, I would be very happy if you include my site on your blogroll. I’ve already added you to mine and I enjoy reading what you write very much.

    Have a lovely day too.

  3. Hiya!

    I have finally added you to my humble roll… Take care, and I pray that your thesis and your Sufi haiku is moving well, like a stream from Khautar.

    wa min Allah at-taufiq

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