Longing for the Beloved

The Sufi writes words of longing for her Beloved but she’s not a poet for she knows that words cannot contain the One. It is the spaces between words into which she dives and drowns in the clear waters of love, and it is in the pauses where the vibrant silence of the Beloved’s Presence causes her to gasp in ecstasy. These words are a poor cladding of rags for the light that enthrals the dervish but she gives with love whatever she can bring.

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8 thoughts on “Longing for the Beloved

  1. A sufi is something to become, not something merely read about.Whatever can be express in words is not sufism.
    Since true Sufis would of necessity exhbit the height of humility and selflessness,it is difficult to locate one who would admit to such a condition.sufism is base on union even there are many order they stand united into one fact,they are conformed in inward thought and outward behavior to the religious injunction of Islam,know as the (law)shariat.some believe that sufi is again Islam.Sufi aims is truth and there path is love and at the end of their journey nothing remain except Allah as there beloved they move toward truth by means of love and devotion and fight there commanding self and Sufi believe that the only way to become perfect is to purify there heart and soul under the guidance of a perfect Shiekh (master) where Allah told the holy Prophet (s.w.a.)in the Quran (2:272)”It not you who are responsible for guiding them,for Allah guides whom he will.My father is a Sufi master whose shrine is found in the cemetry of Bois-Marchand who under his guidance and his murshid Peer sufi Aboo Bakar Shah I had learnt a little since 1978 til now but for your info i am not one my Peer murshid who just passed away is Mawlana Arifullah shah qaderi and siddiqui,Siddiqui why? because he his the murid of Mawlana Abdul aleem siddiqui.

  2. You are a fountain of love, dear sister 🙂 I just read your words about love on the Sufis without borders group, and with your permission will quote them as part of a post I am writing, giving you credit and a link back 🙂

    Ya Haqq!

  3. A church, a temple or a kaba stone,
    Quran or Bible or a martyr’s bone,
    All these and more my heart can tolerate,
    Since my religion now is love alone.-(Abul Ala)
    -HE is a sufi who follows this religion

  4. We may not understand what God is saying through the events in life (not all things are clear to all people), what is most important is that we let the heart lead the tongue back to God. When we choose heart as our guide, then we begin the rest of our journey back to God. Everything that occurs is the conversation of God.

    Good blog. Thank you.

  5. Thank you Yilmaz, you say it so well – the heart must lead the journey of return. I’ve just been reading about your book, Deserts and Mountains, on your website and I’m excited about reading it as soon as I can

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