Roses and Pomegranates

I recently spent ten days in Andalucia and was delighted to be back there again. The pomegranates were ripe and I feasted on the sweet juicy fruits. It was beautiful to be able to enjoy the vast night skies there  – so clear, and so many stars. In the garden at the house I stayed in the roses were still in bloom. It was a time of many gifts, some of them tough, but I found great joy in the way inspiration always arises so spontaneously in Andalucia. I wrote the following poem on the bus as I was leaving Granada.

Vessels at sea!

Pomegranate blood bursts

the dam of the heart,

pumps moonlight

and the dark of the moon

to feet that learn now-

Walk! Walk the path of love!

Her darkness is

the tranquillity of the moon,

hidden, she gazes

from the other side

Her light is

the reflection of the One

appearing, she dances

the kisses of lovers

A fleet wisp of a kiss

A smudged breath of a whisper

Rose petals everywhere, and stones

for a shamanic blessing in the round

Ya Wadud in all!

(Ya Wadud! is one of the Names of God and means the Loving One)

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2 thoughts on “Roses and Pomegranates

  1. Salam Ibrahim, I am very envious of you being in Granada. Andalucia is such a wonderful place for inspiration. I’m busy geting ready for a conference in Glasgow next week. The far north!

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