Loving You

I love, I hurt, I learn, I love again

Am I foolish?

Every step is reckless,

Every caress attempts

To touch anew

The first innocence of hope

That I will return to You


3 thoughts on “Loving You

  1. A Zen Commentary:

    I will try to write
    using all trees as pens
    the seven oceans as inks
    but will never finish
    the words and manifestation
    of Your secrets.
    O Allah, bestow me wisdom
    and right action
    in my short life journey
    a stranger in cyber space

    albeit irregularly
    I will speak through
    the heart, the wandering mind
    the longing self, the spirit
    of Rumi’s bird,the flows of Tao

    sporadically with a touch
    of Zen subtleness and love
    – still I will write
    to praise and ask You
    for the endless gifts…

    On original poem @Kaosar

  2. Thank you Irving. I’m trying to write from the heart although ‘trying’ is probably the wrong word as it’s more about giving in to the words that want to speak.

    Thank you for sharing your poem Zhou. Beautiful!

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