Sharing Water


I just watched a bird taking a bath in the hedgehogs drinking water. We have a whole family of hedgehogs here and my landlady puts out water for them and feeds them every evening. During the day though the drinking water is a free for all and with the first bit of sunshine in a week our regularly visiting lady blackbird was not going to miss out. She plunged in and splattered water all around her as she performed her daily ablutions with gusto. May she fly high and sing beautifully and bring some cheer to Winchester as it experiences a very patchy summer weatherwise. Life and beauty is all around us no matter what the weather is doing. A lesson in keeping my eyes open to the wonders of the universe.

Further reading: Conversation with a Hedgehog


2 thoughts on “Sharing Water

  1. Salam Liz, interesting you mention the imagination as, in the sense that Ibn ‘Arabi uses that term the ‘imaginal’ is a world that is very real and in the liminal space between pure spirit and matter. I believe it is in this world of the imaginal that we can experience the soul of all life around us.

    Good to hear from you again. I must pop over to your blog and see how things are in the rainforest, you have such beautiful photos too.

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