Sufi Soul: Part 5

In the final part of this documentary, William Dalrymple visits Sufi orders in Morocco where the music is very ‘loud and exuberant’. Dalrymple calls it ‘a sort of spiritual music jazz’. Here we also see many female musicians who perform healing with music. Dalrymple also visits the Fez Festival of Sacred Music where musicians of all faiths participate. Youssou N’Dour, who also performs at the festival, is interviewed and expresses his belief that Sufi music can correct the present image of Islam.

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3 thoughts on “Sufi Soul: Part 5

  1. Hi – I’m interested in Youssou N’dour’s belief that Sufi music can correct the present image of Islam. There must be as many images of Islam as there are people with each image being coloured and shaped by the individual’s beliefs, history and experiences. I’m happy to add Sufi music to my expanding image of Islam. So far, it is shaped by many stimulating and positive experiences with open-minded Muslims in Radio Salaam Shalom and by some frustrating experiences with homophobic and intolerant Muslims disturbed by my lesbianism. As with any group of people, Islam includes the full civersity of views and behaviours.

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  3. Hi Lisa, Salaam Shalom, it’s great to see you here. Unfortunately intolerance is found everywhere. I guess it’s a learning process for us all. In the meantime Radio Salaam Shalom is doing wonderful work in showing how we can all speak to each other and truly listen to each other. I’m coming over to visit you at Listening to the Tune

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