Sufi Soul: Part 4

This is part four of the film, Sufi Soul, and William Dalrymple goes to the Pakistani province of Sindh to visit the shrine of Shah Abdul Latif. He was a poet-saint who died in 1752 and to this day his music is played every night at his shrine using a string instrument called the dambar which Shah Abdul Latif invented himself. Dalrymple also speaks to mullahs of a more recent movement influenced by Wahhabi ideas that are anti-music and anti-Sufi. However, a musician he speaks to says that the majority of the people of Pakistan understand their faith through Sufism, through its music, through dance, and true human interaction.

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One thought on “Sufi Soul: Part 4

  1. Do you ever to Pakistan?

    Anyways, it is absurd to ask sufism from mullahs. They dont know much about it.

    I belong to Multan, the city of saints and shrines and recently there held an urs of Hazrat Bahuaddin Zikriya Multani and people all across Pakistan came here. There was a public holiday in Multan on thursday.

    Must say, sufism is everywhere in Pakistan. I am a fan of Abida Perveen, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Pathanay Khan.

    This video of Sayoni song bu Junoon is picturized in Multan and in this video, you can also see the shrine of Hazrat Bayauddin Zikriya and of Shah RUkne Alam.

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