Palestine, Israel, and the Dialogue of Love

I believe that the greatest example of how best to behave in the face of
such conflict situations as that happening in Palestine-Israel today are
the Palestinian and Israeli people themselves. Many might say, What! But
they are always fighting each other! This is the impression gained from
most main stream media. However, there are several groups in Israel,
Palestine, and around the world who are not only talking to each other
but who are actively attempting to help each other.

The following video is one example. An Israeli woman and a Palestinian
man, the immense pain they feel is palpable, but through that pain comes
a tremendous love and courage. It is only 6 minutes long and you can see
it here: http://tinyurl. com/a3vvod

This video link was sent to me by a dear friend, a young Israeli with
whom I have had many long conversations and with whom I have
participated in dhikr together with other Muslims, Jews, and Sikhs. On
the Sufi path I have learnt that love can be painful and that courage is
needed to follow the path. Often that courage fails me, it is a constant
struggle, but the two people speaking in this short video are a
wonderful example of the power of love and courage, Alhamdulillah!

When I pray, May there be peace, Inshallah! Then I also acknowledge that
there is peace already, dwelling in Israel and Palestine, among some of
the worst battlefields of the world. May it strengthen and grow and may such initiatives be reported more often in the media.


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