Karen Armstrong: Charter of Compassion

Dear Friends, if you scroll down to the videos available in the sidebar you will see I have added a new video.

This is Karen Armstrongs speech when she received a TED award. It is very moving and pertinent to the global situation today. Religion can and should be a force for change today. Using the Golden Rule of every faith: Do not do unto others what you would not have them do to you. Karen Armstrong is working on creating a Charter of Compassion for the whole world.

5 thoughts on “Karen Armstrong: Charter of Compassion

  1. ive read her islam and abrahamic faiths and she’s a delight. also on several pbs broadcats ive seen her. what city are you in?
    i heard dr. godlas in person last semester?

  2. Salam Siddiq, I’m in Winchester, England. You are very fortunate to have heard Dr. Godlas in person. Do you know the Sufis Without Borders forum that he started?

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