Strange Weather for July

At last I have a camera. It’s only part of my cell phone but it should take a few decent pictures. I’ve been wanting something like this for a while so that I can put some of my own photos up here to use as the basis of reflections. To me photography is all about a way of seeing – chasing the light – as my Shaykh would say, capturing something special that might otherwise go unnoticed. Not that I’ve done much photography in my life but it is definitely something I feel drawn towards and with today’s digital magic it shouldn’t be too difficult to find the time between hours of sitting and studying and writing essay assignments.

The latest thing I’ve started is The Sufi Books and Music Blog this links to the Sufi Book Store but also has posts about the books on sale and various aspects of Sufism. Pop over and see if there is anything you like and feel free to give me any feedback or suggestions.

Back to the photography, it is very strange weather in the south west of England at the moment. Grey skies, cold wind, and wet. More like October than July. I’m looking out for the sun though so I can rush out and photo some roses before the next cloud passes by. That reminds me of the wonderful Sufi metaphor of the nightingale in love with the rose. I begin to feel the stirrings of a poem.

2 thoughts on “Strange Weather for July

  1. Salam dear Yafiah, I am so pleased to finally meet u again in this blog, I was just wondering about you and just clicked to ur site. So I hope everything is ok and u r settling well with the English weather. Hope to hear from you soon, which part of England r u staying, I stayed in Bath & Bradford before.

  2. Salam Norma, good to hear from you too. I am in Bristol which is just next door to Bath. I’m busy studying full time as well as working and very little time left over to write much but essays but I’m trying and, inshallah I will managing to write more regularly. I hope all is well with you.

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