Dartington by I.ChatterjeeDear friends and readers please excuse my short absence. I have been busy re-locating to England. It is dramatically different from living in the mountains of Andalucia but although I was expecting it to be much cooler here, the day after I arrived a heat wave began!
I hope to be back to normal soon with regular postings but for the moment here is a haiku:

The green land of Blake,
Visionary of worlds unseen;
Mountains rise from ponds


16 thoughts on “England

  1. mid shabaan moon
    draped in a monsoon haze
    soaked in prayers
    this night, much awaited.

    all the best for your new home, inshallah it shall bring you much happiness and more.

  2. Such a big change from Spain to the UK! Here is wishing you ease in the adjustment to a new kind of horizon line and a very different light.

    I love your new blog. Just beautiful and thoughtful as ever.

  3. the dusk descends
    like a misty veil
    behind the trees
    a silence rises
    like a spring
    a fountain
    of solitude
    and stillness
    can you feel it….hear it….see it….
    be quiet
    be silent
    for in the silence lies the infinite meaning
    of words
    spoken and unspoken…..


  4. Assalammualaikum…

    I like the new blog. More beautiful and colourful.

    May Allah bless you in your new journey in England.

    Eid Mubarak! In Malaysia, we celebrate it for exactly one month 🙂

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