Shoreline by I. ChatterjeeTime did a leap and I ran with him
and others by his side
enjoying races along the shore
line of the Sea of Galilee

He shared his heart with us,
it pounded hard as we ran
It sang the rhythm of our feet
splashing in the waters of Galilee

I felt it beat on the shore as we ran
I heard it laugh in his chest, and mine,
a heart consumed by the Name
Love! It beat. Love! It beat, eternally

Time did another leap and threw me
back to my room soaked and salty
My heart remains in awe of Isa’s love
Love! It beats. Love! It beats eternally


10 thoughts on “Isa

  1. i love the refrain!
    and the way you open the poem, you had my heart poundng along with yours on the beach.
    i struggle to surrender totally to his will, i get lost in my own desires and them not coming true, what i should remmeber is love, that he loves us.

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