New notes on ‘The Poesis of Love’

A page of a copy circa 1503 of the “Diwan-e Shams-e Tabriz-i” by RumiOn the subject of translation I am reminded of the mystic poet-seers. What are these saints doing when they take pen to paper but translating the ineffable, the wordless, into a human language? Compelled to speak of the love that overflows any boundaries and to share through words that which can only be tasted (dhawq) how do they even dare to attempt the wild venture of translating the soul’s tasting of the Real (Al-Haqq) into a form that can transmit but an intimation of that experience to fellow strugglers on the path?

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2 thoughts on “New notes on ‘The Poesis of Love’

  1. Rejoice, O Pen, for if you cannot but break
    when you write the word Love,
    Then a thousand times will you break
    at this tale.
    But what sorrow is this?
    Love is worth breaking for.

    – Irving Karchmar, 2007

    Ya Haqq!

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