Spirit Landscapes

Just to the right of Spirit Mountain by wharmanI started this poem yesterday and when I went back to it today I lost it. Imagine losing a poem! I found it eventually after searching through numerous files. For some reason I hadn’t saved it in the usual file for poetry. That somehow fits with the theme of the poem; it became quite different after its short absence.

The Lord of the Worlds
Knows the nature of change
Our knowing is the last
Moment’s pastime as each lesson
Unstitches the illusion of you

The fluid form dances forth
From the eternal Meaning
Changing and moving towards the One
Through spirit landscapes
Of unchanging Love

4 thoughts on “Spirit Landscapes

  1. This is a lovely combo; the pic fits well with the words, which are really good. I especially like the first 2 lines –

    “The Lord of the Worlds
    Knows the nature of change”

    it gives me such a good feeling. The words reassue me that a Supreme Power is in control of all things, and sees the bigger picture. I feel I can trust this Lord of the Worlds. Very, very nice.

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