A Writer’s Request

May I write as I breathe

With Hu, in Hu, through Hu

May my words be

As the beating of a pure heart

May silence bring forth the spoken

In the service of the Alive One

Ya Hayy!

4 thoughts on “A Writer’s Request

  1. Salam Dear Wild Dervish, another amazing feat from the Barzakh: what i was inking this afternoon (penciled about ten days ago) is frogs’ strip # 39 in which Prof. Drago meets the frogs in the desert and dances upon the sand saying: “Frogs in the sand! Ya Hayy!”

    Love from the somehow tamed leo
    (sigh! as Hafez wrote, love seemed easy at first…),
    P.S. keep pouring, Dear Sister!

  2. Salam Dear Froggy Mama, I pray that Professor Drago was wearing some shoes on that hot sand. But then we all burn as we rush to the Ocean of Love! Ya Hayy!

  3. May the wisdom of Yafiah Katherine grows like trees
    Bearing fruits and giving off fresh oxygens
    Your poems are like leaves giving shade and nourishment
    to a passing traveler with dusts in his face and body

    Teahut attendant
    abuzuhri shin

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