Strawberry Moon

Originally uploaded by Bladeflyer

I only recently discovered that at the end of June we will have a Strawberry Moon. I had never heard of this before but after a bit of research I learned that it is the name for the full moon in the strawberry picking month. This is a poem in honour of the Strawberry Moon.

Strawberry Moon

Strawberry moon you bloom
with joy, blushing red
in the love the One bestows

Deep in the night, alone
with light, baring your
face to the listening heart

Strawberry moon you bloom.
Pass a secret kiss
from the Beloved to us

Deep in the night, alone,
lovers on earth long
to taste such a loving embrace


2 thoughts on “Strawberry Moon

  1. Strawberries are far from abundance here and something I miss terribly when living in Europe. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to see the strawberry moon either – at least I don’t think I’ll be seeing it from here.

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