The Eternal Moment

This moment is the last moment in my life. How can it be otherwise? If we are travelling on our journey of return, no matter how slow our progress may be at times, there can be no movement if each moment is not the last, and there can be no trajectory if each moment is not also the first. In this world there can be no first unless it is born from the last. It is the last that gives birth to the first. But when last and first are clasped in an embrace reminiscent of the yin/yang symbol then they each lose themselves in the other and become the eternal moment. Past and future roll back into this moment, they are excursions, manifestations of the eternal in which we are offered lessons that open our eyes. But if we forget that linear time as we perceive it has its origin and return in the eternal moment then the umbilical cord of love and remembrance becomes rusty and we are left flailing in the illusion of a satanic permanence. The eternal moment is changeless but those who travel its limitless terrain, in Allah, with Allah, through Allah, experience continuous unveilings of the One.


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