Fig on Fire

Photo by Y K Randall

A fig on fire is Autumn’s sweet song, as she pulls down her sap and allows the wind to carry her leaves into the earth’s lap. Her colours are a rapture to the senses as she appears to wither and die, and her branches become naked to the winter sky. She is going into retreat right down to her roots where she will hear the ancient whispers of each traveller she has refreshed with her fruits. Snow will fall and cover her nakedness as she covered Adam’s and Eve’s, then it will melt and she will drink, nourished by her modesty as she weaves. Another season’s energy and she emerges from retreat, her enlivened sap falling into the traveller’s hand, offering the sweet fruit that she has drawn from the land.

9 thoughts on “Fig on Fire

  1. Thank you brother. It happens sometimes that i start a poem and then feel it would work better as poetic prose. It doesn’t have to rhyme of course but this happened naturally in the first two lines and so i continued it.

  2. i want to be like you! i want to move somewhere beautiful and write true words. i want to purify my heart and swell with spirit and be less and more than i am now. i want to be a conduit, not an upturned shell with stagnant water…

  3. As salaam alaikum.

    Nice blog.

    I write poems, essays, short fiction and articles for a largely Muslim audience. Please come by when you have time to read.

    Wa salaama,


  4. Assalamualaikum…

    Dear Katherine, I’ve checked your blog often. It’s been awhile since we hear from you. Hope all is well.

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