Diary of An Andalucian Village: Rain Blessings

The weather has suddenly turned wet and cold. It has rained all night for two nights in a row now. This is wonderful as we have had very little water for two years and are officially experiencing a drought. High up in the mountains here, and with the Mediterranean before us, we get to see a lot of sky and one of the joys of autumn and winter are the fantastic cloud formations and the uncluttered views of sunrise and sunset. Even better are the thunder storms which you can watch moving across the mountains until it’s right overhead and it becomes more sensible to get off the roof and run in doors before flying debris, or even lightning, strikes you down. The village is then transformed into a series of waterfalls as the rain gushes down and washes away the dust from streets and vegetation. Everything is so much greener after the mighty wash.

Photo by I. Chatterjee

Photo by I. Chatterjee

An Imminent Fugue
I watch the clouds today
in colours purple, indigo and grey,
hanging dark and huge, as
swollen with an imminent fugue

Colour sings alone the theme,
joined in fury by wildest wind.
Then in contrapuntal dash
texture shot by lightning flash.

Skip one, skip two in silent
consonance until divergent
motion tears apart the map
with the din of thunder clap

It has broken. Rain slaps ground,
sky begins again the round,
displays its stunning beauty
with majestic, trembling sound

Hu’s Names alive in vibrant signs,
a language for each eye and ear.
A text of love writ on the body
of creation far and near

After the storm the water flows.
Running in rivulets down
every street. It knows
intimately each parched atom

in this thirsty land. Field,
and rock, deep roots of loss,
your heart, mine too,
is nourished by the rain of Hu

© Katherine Randall, Granada 2006


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