Diary of an Andalusian Village (3)

Diary of an Andalusian Village (3)

It is already June and it is some time since I last posted anything here. I was away for a while travelling but I have also been in a more ‘listening’ mode recently. Many thanks to all the dear friends who have left such kind comments recently.

Usually at this time of year the weather is simply hot and dry but we are experiencing a combination of overcast, rainy, hot or stormy days; quite a mix of moods. The advantages of this are the many wild flowers, profuse and diverse, which are blessed with an extended length of stay this year. The time for ploughing the fields and pruning the crops has now passed and we watch as fruit begins to ripen; a fitting metaphor for life, I am nowhere near finished with the pruning and ploughing of my renegade nafs (Sufi term for ego, or less than truly human forces). That is a lifelong endeavour, no doubt.

I missed the village and the mountains while I was away but I had the pleasure of visiting my children and the wonderful little boy who has transformed me into a grandmother! Now they are all beautiful fruits to be truly thankful for, Alhamdulillah!