The Night is Light

I love the night, so full of light. Light so clear that it blurs the parameters of this ME. Light that calls me to join and take flight. I rush headlong into a different world, a world that is so easy to forget, except at night. My heart becomes transparent and the nocturnal pulse that beats through the soil, even flies through the air, and stalks in the undergrowth, courses through my limbs and meets my womb. Below my heart another pulse beats. It gathers seed into a waiting space, until, overflowing, it imparts to my naked feet a knowledge of every contour of the land. I begin to walk.

Running over the moors I hear the river declaring my progress, laughing at the spirit always running ahead of me. I go down to a quiet pool and slide into the deep, black water. Echoes of the river’s laughter further upstream reach my ears. Suddenly the water is cold, the light has left and I have been caught napping.

As I run, I leave only damp footprints behind me, sufficient for the Beloved to track me. I run forwards, I run with, I run towards the All-Embracing Light. The night tricks me. Caught unaware, it takes me in a tight embrace and for moments I cease to breathe. One. Two. Three. A meteorite reveals its activity. Release! The night expanse enlightens this vulnerable being, breathes it, and sparks the spirit!


8 thoughts on “The Night is Light

  1. Salaamat,
    I like this:) My nickname is Nur-al-layl 🙂 i really loved the imposition of light onto the night.

    sigh…what is it like living in spain? are you originally from there? were you born there?

    how gorgeous must it be to live in such a poetic land:)

  2. Salaam Maliha, what a great synchronicity! It inspires me, if I ever manage to get a collection of poems together, to call it ‘Nur al-Layl’.
    I’ve been living in Spain for three years and came from England. Yes, it does inspire poetry. A good place to write.

  3. Salaams Katherine.

    Masha-Allah, this is a beautiful poem.
    I feel all my senses were awaken as I read the poem. Your words are truly inspirational.

    Umm Aisha

  4. to work towards the light…will not be easy if one let immerse oneself too much with the physical world…but is not Islam the ‘deen’..a way of life..

  5. This is very nice blog mashallah.
    Please take a look at my blogs and link them up here if you think them of benefit.

  6. very beautiful. Let us know when your novel is published, i’d love to read it! Do you already have some material out there?

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