Unrobed, the night reveals
the stuff of the heart
until dawn breaks and alights
on heavens well-aimed dart.

Startled, the lover runs amok.
But too late dear one,
the wound bleeds abundant love,
and to the Beloved you must run.


5 thoughts on “Unrobed

  1. Wa alaikumu salaam, Yes Sis Amal, I admit to being the author of this attempt to write some Sufi poetry. Still practising!

  2. Salamaat,
    Mashaallah I was just reading snippets of your novel, and I can’t wait for you to be done.

    Sigh, I always loved Spain (although I haven’t had the blessing of being there)…there is so much history, richnesss, sensuality that the mere mention of Spain evokes for me…and I saw that coming through your writing.

    Keep it up, and let’s keep in touch Inshaallah:)

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