The Night is Light

I love the night, so full of light. Light so clear that it blurs the parameters of this ME. Light that calls me to join and take flight. I rush headlong into a different world, a world that is so easy to forget, except at night. My heart becomes transparent and the nocturnal pulse that beats through the soil, even flies through the air, and stalks in the undergrowth, courses through my limbs and meets my womb. Below my heart another pulse beats. It gathers seed into a waiting space, until, overflowing, it imparts to my naked feet a knowledge of every contour of the land. I begin to walk.

Running over the moors I hear the river declaring my progress, laughing at the spirit always running ahead of me. I go down to a quiet pool and slide into the deep, black water. Echoes of the river’s laughter further upstream reach my ears. Suddenly the water is cold, the light has left and I have been caught napping.

As I run, I leave only damp footprints behind me, sufficient for the Beloved to track me. I run forwards, I run with, I run towards the All-Embracing Light. The night tricks me. Caught unaware, it takes me in a tight embrace and for moments I cease to breathe. One. Two. Three. A meteorite reveals its activity. Release! The night expanse enlightens this vulnerable being, breathes it, and sparks the spirit!


We Can’t Stop Dancing In the Tavern

We can’t stop dancing
in the tavern!
Around each other,
with each other,
towards each other.
I pirouette and stamp.
Clap! Who is your lover?

You raise your glass with glee
and scoff the wine,
smiling like a satyr,
singing like a saint,
moving like a lover.
I loop my hands through space.
Whirl! Come face to face!

You raise your arms with passion.
Supple hands swoop
to embrace my waist,
take my hand,
ignite my heart.
A prayer escapes our souls
as we dance like holy fools


Unrobed, the night reveals
the stuff of the heart
until dawn breaks and alights
on heavens well-aimed dart.

Startled, the lover runs amok.
But too late dear one,
the wound bleeds abundant love,
and to the Beloved you must run.