Heart of Faith

Heart of Faith

Jalal’uddin Rumi said that ‘the body is fundamental and necessary for the realization of the Divine Intention’. Existence in the physical realm is the path by which the individual attains union with the One. We need to learn how to ‘read’ the inner meaning of the forms, which are the signs of God, and in the physical world the human being is surely the highest of those signs. If there is no separation then there can be no longing for union and it is that longing that requires us to polish the mirror of our hearts so that when it is clear and pure it reflects the mercy of the One. As is said in one of the hadith qudsi (sacred hadith revealed to the Prophet Pbuh but not part of the Qur’an):

Neither the vastness of My earth, nor that of My heaven can contain me. Indeed it is the heart of the man of faith which can contain Me.  


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