Taken Unaware

The dark of night wraps around my form
in billows. Like my favourite jilbab, it leaves
pockets of warm air that caress my skin
and speak secrets to the stars.

But thoughts wander in a maze without end
and enter once more, unbid, bearing news
that wounds my peace with its indulgence
in the mere fluff of a dunya laughing loud.

Do I lack some special gift, bestowed
on few? A secret that the constellations
will not reveal? I beg a song to re-configure
the tragic meanderings from my journey’s route.

The sky responds inside my heart, the flash,
a supernova, dismisses the trash and leaves me
trembling. It stuns my nafs and my soul vibrates
with ‘Alastu bi Rabbikum!’ I surrender to this grace.

© Copyright Katherine Randall, Granada 2006 All Rights Reserved


5 thoughts on “Taken Unaware

  1. “Alastu bi Rabbikum” ? .. from or by you Lord I think .. but Alastu ?
    I suppose it’s Koran ?
    Can you give me a translation please ? (forgive my ignorance)

  2. I don’t know what happened, I replied to this earlier but it didn’t appear. Yes, sufibridge, it is in the Qur’an and it refers to the primordial covenant when God draws all the souls from the loins of Adam and asks them, ‘Alastu bi Rabbikum?'(Am I not your Lord?), to which they reply, ‘Bala Shahidna’ (Yes,it is so). You find it at 7:172.

  3. I like the juxtaposition of “vibrates” with alastu birrabikum. Seems almost way too appropriate. I see a spine vibrating when the angels shout.

  4. Exactly! Thank you eteraz, it feels so good to be understood.
    I’m busy writing a post in response to your ‘Qur’an as Classical Music’ but I can see it’s not going to get finished today, hopefully tomorrow.

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