The Spirit of Knowledge

Here is another link I have just found on the subject of tafakkur. It is written by Fethullah Gulen and he emphasizes the importance of reflection in the scientific study of the world. There is no ‘contrived’ conflict between religion and science in Islam for the more we discover the more we know about God’s creation.
If you scroll down the page you will find the first of my planned articles on tafakkur which I will be supplementing with links like this one:

Tafakkur literally means to think on a subject deeply, systematically, and in great detail. In this context, it signifies reflection, which is the heart’s lamp, the spirit’s food, the spirit of knowledge, and the essence and light of the Islamic way of life …

2 thoughts on “The Spirit of Knowledge

  1. I will have to confess my abominable ignorance and admit that I have never read Paul Bowles! I might try and get hold of ‘The Sheltered Sky’

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