Looking Within

Rumi is one of the greatest travellers on the journey of return to the One, the Real. I found this poem by Rumi. To me it says that the journey is not out there somewhere but deep within our selves. While the sincere sâlik (traveller) will look at all of creation as the signs of God to be read, for ‘God’s is the place-of-Shining-forth and the place-of-Darkening: so wherever you all may turn, there is the Face of God!’ (Qur’an 2:115), she/he also knows that it is not necessary to go running around looking for God outside of ourselves for God is within.

There is a certain Love
that is formed out of
the elixir of the East.
There is a certain cloud,
impregnated with a
thousand lightnings.
There is my body,
in it an ocean formed of his glory,
all the creation,
all the universes,
all the galaxies,
are lost in it.

Trans. Shahram Shiva


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